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The next project I am having my students complete is to tell a story using animation. There are so many varieties of animation or styles that I am going to try to give more than one example. This is my first example.

I created this brief story and animation for one of my Akron Experience classes to help introduce them to the office of Off Campus Student Services (I am not sure if we still have that office now). There were other student services that I did similar story introductions for, also, but I like this one best. It has a conflict or obstacle, some rising action, a climax and falling action. There is meaningful movement.

I used GoAnimate to create this. I like the variety and flexibility it offers. It is very easy to learn and use. At the time it was free, but now there is a charge (but there is a 14-day free trial). Although not expensive, I still have not started an account for myself to create more.

For the dialogue I used both recorded voice and typing in text – thanks, Maggie, “Worried Student.” You can choose a variety of male and female voices with many accents (US, English, Australian, etc.). Overall, I would recommend recording the voices because you never know how the computer will pace the talking, let alone how it will pronounce the words you type in.

This story is only about 23 seconds long. I want my students to have their stories at least 30 seconds long and no more than three minutes. If a story were animated by stop-motion, the product process would take longer and a briefer story would work better. If using this program or one similar, a longer story would be rather simple to complete – this took me about 20 minutes total.

We’ll see what my students come up with!