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This storytelling project is more straightforward as storytelling goes. It is to tell a story using only audio – a podcast. The challenge is not only to gain the listener’s attention, go through the story arc (building interest, and come to some conclusion) but to do all that with only the sound of your voice. I did, however, allow them to use sound effects if needed, and I mentioned if they really want to take the time (if they had it) that they could use music (we discussed copyright!) but that would probably be too much at this stage. I also required them to read/tell the story themselves – not have someone else read it.

The students are to tell a story by doing a podcast of 1-3 minutes, so I am providing this example:

The example is a good story: it has a problem, other complicating situations that hinder a simple solution, and then a climax that solves the problem. I also tried to wrap the story in light of a central point or thought: how do we explain some things that are beyond simple explanation? I think that came across well (you can tell me your perception of this if you like).

I wrote it, and then I rewrote it a couple times. I think I only had to do a few drafts because I had the story bouncing around in my head for quite a while. I did have to practice reading it out loud. Even with the practice, I had to record it three times. One reason was because my dog interrupted, then the phone interrupted (working at home instead of a nice sound booth). The recording was simple on my digital audio recorder ZoomH2(Zoom H2 – newer versions available now). Then I did a little editing with Audacity. I combined parts of the different recordings, but only a little. Most of my editing was to get it under 3 minutes. I cut some interesting but unnecessary information. Instead of re-recording it, I simply cut the phrases and sentences that were not needed. A couple edits were to put a phrase or sentence from one version into my final because I thought I read it better one way instead of the other – that’s mainly a matter of taste, but sometimes it conveyed the message differently with the various vocal inflections and pace.

So, the only thing I may change now is to add some intro or theme music. (Maybe when I go pro and make a series of podcasts.)