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Another digital storytelling project is more challenging – trying to use only one image.

This requires that we allow a broad definition of “storytelling.” You can’t really get a full story – all the details, the full explanation – in one still image. But you can show that something is happening, something is or was going on. You can pique the interest of the viewer and stir the imagination.

There are so many ways to do this. Those who study photography are still at work doing this. For us amateurs, we have to try harder (and usually take several more photos to find one that works).

So, I will show a few examples, each a different approach or style. None “professional” of course – these are my own.

First: Stitches

stichesI thought this picture stirred the imagination. There are a few different stories that could come from this or lead up to this image.

Depending on which direction you let your imagination run, I could be a clumsy dope who had an accident, a jerk who got in a fight, a victim of a jerk who attacked me, or, actually, this image is the result of an operation – I had skin cancer.

Unlike many images that tell a story, this one is an extreme close up. Most images that are used to tell a story are a broader view and typically show some action or event.

Second: Graduation

DT K gradThis shot is one like many take at events to “record” it, to keep it as a memory. And many images like this do tell a part of a story. This image is simple, and there really isn’t much more to the story than what you see: I graduated from kindergarten.

Is it an interesting story? Well, to me and my family, yes, of course. But is it interesting to others? Maybe, at best, but probably not (other than I am a really cute kid). It is a bit different from other graduation photos because I am so young, and most people graduate when older like from high school or from college. So that is what I thought may have been the hook to catch the viewer’s interest.

And: Friends Reading

Friends ReadingThis image is one that brings the viewer into the scene. The attention of the people in the picture is focused on the book, so the viewer would wonder what are they reading? What is the relationship – probably grandmother and granddaughter, but it is not certain.

It is simple, it shares a moment, and it stirs the imagination.

I like it and the story it tells.