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You may have heard the saying, bad and untrue as it is:

Those who can, do.

Those who cannot, teach.

And those who cannot teach, teach gym.

I believe the last line was added by Dewey Finn, Jack Black’s character in School of Rock. Funny, kinda. But certainly not accurate.

So why do I start with this demeaning quote about teaching? Because I thought of it as I was planning my class this semester. Working on lesson plans for the coming weeks, I knew I had to provide examples for my class. Then I thought, “Why bother taking the time to search for examples when I can make them myself?” I’ll have examples and have fun!

dig picI’ve blogged about digital storytelling before. Now I get to do something more about it. The class is Digital Storytelling for honors students at my university. Their majors vary from engineering to political science to nursing and beyond. We are examining digital storytelling in many forms for many purposes, whether related to business, sales, PR, or simply for fun. Students will explore many tools to present their stories and critique the results.

Sounds like fun? Yes, it does. And that is one reason I am teaching it. I also like technology and what possibilities it holds (as you can tell from by blog so far) (if you’ve been reading) (if not, then please do!). And being a professor of communication, I help students learn how to communicate in many ways.

So I plan to TEACH my students and DO, also. Just like another saying I’m sure you have heard:

Practice what you preach.

Over the next several weeks, then, I will produce a digital story – an example of one technique or tool or approach. I will show it here and discuss the process, difficulties, successes and failures. You and my students can see them.

If my students want to show off their stories, they can comment here (or after one of the other posts) and give us a link to their story.

I look forward to your reactions!