My blog here has been idle too long. (Sorry. But remember in this post I mentioned It would be a while – and this is the brief answer to “Why January 2015?”) But you know when other priorities jump in, some shuffling of activities is demanded.

I recently read an article from Campus Technology [Using Video Grading to Help Students Succeed] about video feedback. Richard Rose, the author from Texas A&M, said:

“Used poorly, technology can be just one more instrument of our mutual alienation, . . . .  Used wisely, . . . that same technology can go a long way to bridging the distance between your unique humanity and the equally unique humanity of each of your students.”

It was a good reminder for me that technology is not the end – it is the tool. Now back to a plan . . . My blog started with my venture into Is One Life Enough [IOLE] and continues through my own discovery and use of technology (broadly defined) in my teaching.  After a very busy summer and fall in 2014, I need to get back up to speed here sharing what I have discovered and learned.

Here are the next posts that I will be working on:

  • More on AR (Augmented Reality) (a follow-up to I’m Going to Do That!);
  • An encouraging moment for me; and
  • How using technology is the easy part.

Thanks for sticking with me.  Please feel free to remind me that I owe you these posts!