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OK! I’ve got a plan for my future. I’ve figured out what I want to do with technology. The inspiration hit me over breakfast the other day.

You can check back with me in January 2015 to make sure I am doing what I say and not just writing up another blog entry.  (“January 2015” – It seems like a long time away, and it is. I’ll explain why it seems so far away later.)

What am I going to do? I am going to augment reality.

“What is wrong with reality that we need to augment it?” you ask?  A good question.  It is not so much that something is wrong with reality, but that at times the augmentation is helpful.

“How are you going to augment it?” you proceed to question.  My initial answer is both, “In many ways,” and “I don’t know!”

“But . . .” – Wait. Let me continue without interruption and your questions will probably be answered. (If not, there is the Comment section below.)

Augmented Reality – AR

There are many apps for AR and they do different types of augmenting.  Basically, they add to or enrich (augment) what we have or what we see.  Many examples already exist, some free others not.  My breakfast inspiration was from Kellogg’s app. I enjoyed my virtual concert while finishing my cereal AND got a pic with the stars!

But I can’t use that app. (I’m not Kellogg.)

Instead, I will use another free app called Aurasma.  I wrote about this before (Finding My Aura) but was undecided then. Now I have a better vision of the future, well, . . . at least MY future.

“And what is that?” you interrupt to ask, again.  Let me tell you briefly.

I want my students to read.  Reading is one of the best ways to learn.  So as I give them things to read, I can add little treasures, little surprises, deeper details for them to find.  With a diagram or image, I can link to a fuller explanation, or an illustration, or an example.  I want to “reward” them for their efforts, to help them as much as I can.  And I think having a video or animation jump out of the page is a pretty fun way to do that.  Besides, more students are using their mobile for studying as well as while they are studying.  Since they are using it so much, I can tap into it and try to keep them on task better.

I’m working on it now, but it will take time.  Like I said, check with me in January 2015 to see how it is going.

[and, as for why “January 2015” seems so far away – that is another blog, but I’ll come back and link to it here]