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OK – you may have heard of it, but I just found out.  Like a lot of what I have been blogging about here – it is mostly “old news” to the informed tech masses, but for me and several others learning along with me, it is “new.”

Haiku Deck is a free app for iPad (and iPhone, smart phone, and the like).  Find it easily in the AppStore.

Simple to learn; simple to use; very good quality; and flexible.  Flexible in this case means that once you create it you can email it, export to PowerPoint or Keynote, send to Facebook or Twitter, copy the URL or post to a blog.  Speaking of which: here’s my first one (completed in less than 15 minutes).


The app takes the words you type onto the slide and then you can search for an image.  It looks all over the web for free (open, creative commons, type) photos you can use.  You CAN also pay for really nice photos, too, if you want.  You have the choice of using any word for a tag to find images.  I simply went with the main idea/term for the slide for the ones you see here.

Just thought you may want to know another option besides PowerPoint.

I’ll keep trying it, along with Prezi and others, and use the one that best fits the occasion. And I’ll let you know of other cool, interesting, or helpful tech things as I go along.