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I am finding my aura.

That is the phrase I choose to use, at least.  It goes along with the free app Aurasma [now called HP Reveal].

As I build my quest-based learning activities for my students, previewed at iGBL (and referred to in previous blog posts), I wonder if I have found my aura or if I am simply having fun with technology (again).

There are a lot of details to work out.  The quests themselves are detailed – getting the goal (assignment) and the explanation for the student and the grading points/levels, and the cooperation of other instructors to allow their students to participate, and . . . and . . . and . . .  Then adding the auras around campus tend to be less simple than I’d want (but what use of technology IS as simple as you want?).

Yet – I love it.  I see the engaging side of it all.  I hope it is not simply MY engagement but my students’ engagement as well.

So, doing all this, playing with technology for a specific goal – THAT is my aura!