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I am trying to put the finishing touches on my plans for fall teaching.  No, I’m not one to have the whole semester planned out in detail. (But I’ve dreamed of such a goal!)  I’m simply trying to make sure I am ready for the fall semester to begin.

One major change is developing a pilot study – trying a quest-based approach for first-year students.  I presented the idea earlier at iGBL in June – just the idea. I got some good feedback and encouragement and continued on the idea throughout the summer.  Now I’m to the details.

Help Comes

To refresh my memory and get other ideas, I went back to 3-D GameLab where I did my “training” on quest-based learning.  It is like looking back at your old textbooks or notes (if you still have them).

3D GameLab Teacher BadgeAs I looked through my information and quests there, I realized that I had a badge for completing my work on the basic teacher quests.  I wanted to show off, so I put it here. (Sure, I get more ‘points’ if I have it posted and let them know the URL, but, really, that isn’t important to me.) (No, really, it isn’t!)


And so I share this with you – accomplishments deserve encouragement . . . even if it is something as “silly” as a “Badge.”

As I continue finalizing the details of my fall, I will be sure to plan various “encouragements” for my students (grades, badges, or whatever) to brighten their day sometime when they need it.