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I came across this presentation technique using PowerPoint.  I thought it was interesting at first, but now that I am thinking about it I am not so sure.

It is PechaKucha, which is 20 PowerPoint slides automatically advancing every 20 seconds.

I tried it.  Fun. Challenging. Demanding.

It takes practice to do it well – a lot of practice.  Now, not that I am one to avoid hard work, but I’m not so sure I like this approach.

Once I started thinking about it, I wondered if it was simply technology using us. have we decided that we should follow technology’s lead? . . . let technology make us do something we really don’t want to do?

The advantage to PechaKucha?  It does keep the speaker on time!  It does NOT necessarily make a better presentation – that is still very much up to the presenter, the choice of visuals to show, and how they communicate.

I’ll try to not be a technophobe about this (and why would I be writing this blog if I were a technophobe – technology is the main point of this blog for me).  It can be a fun challenge making yourself stick to a timed presentation (and many listeners will appreciate this!), and searching even harder for worthwhile visuals to go along with your presentation.

But I’ll also try to use technology instead of letting it use (control) me. [You kinda see this as you look over my blog here: I only post when I want to; I’m not a slave to the blog!]