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So, here I am home from another conference/workshop – on technology in education, specifically blended courses this time.

Why?  Haven’t I learned this already?  It involves blogs, wikis, video, asynchronous discussions, and all the stuff I’ve used before.

Used, yes.  Always used well? No.  We all get lazy (I use the global “we” instead of just taking the bullet myself alone).  I do my job, but have to be reminded of fine-tuning my work.

But it is more than that, much more.  There are so many changes coming along all the time.  These are not new technology, new products.  Sometimes it is, but most the time not new stuff.  It is the new used, the new applications, the new assessment of what we have already and how people use the technology we already have.  And by people, I usually mean the students – kids, teens, young adults, business people, money makers.

As educators, we can’t get too tired doing our job.  Instead, we need to see the exciting possibilities of each new development.

Life long learning is not work – it is life.  Let’s help our students along their way!