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Yes, I see that DIT is getting another group of students together in the virtual world to learn if they have a life – or if they need more than one.

Sitearm gave the announcement in his blog.  I saw this on the SLED listserv, also.  The course: “Is One Life Enough?”

The first time I saw this announcement was last summer, and I joined in.  You can see some of the results and my reaction to it all in this blog’s earlier posts.  The course is just a beginning.  It starts you thinking, planning and doing.  But there is so much more to it that no one course can contain it.  And they know this, so they don’t try.

I enjoyed the material that was covered, but most of all appreciated the people I met along the way – both in the course and others in the virtual world.  I had a start before this, but it did boost me well.

I am better because of this – both virtually and really.  I highly recommend the time and effort to take this course.