Well, the DIT module is over.

That’s good news and bad news.  You remember how it was being a student – looking forward to the end of the term and having a break.  Yes, that’s the good news.  As an “adult” you may look back and remember how much fun you had (well, some do; other still cringe at memories from school).  Yes, that’s the bad news.  I’m one of those people who enjoy learning things and playing around with technology, so this module was (mostly) fun.  (You know, work is not fun . . .)

It was good to remember how it is from “the other side of the desk” instead of planning, coordinating, evaluating everything like the teachers do.  It was a good reminder so I can plan my classes with the students in mind better – and I will.

It was good, also, to learn.  I learned about the broader concept of the social media and virtual worlds instead of simply an amateur user.  These are lessons I will pass on.

It was good to meet so many wonderful people, too.  Even virtually, they are people who I would like to keep as friends or colleagues.

So, the good – the work is over; the bad – I’ll miss those I worked with.