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Our group is meeting in pieces as we near the presentation.

I have tried to summarize the progress of these meetings since, as far as I know, I have been the only common denominator.  Along with this information sharing, I am the one who is the builder (I got build “rights” for the DIT amphitheater) so I am getting the presentation board up and shring the details about how to operate it.

my team planning

my team planning

Well, for those of us familiar with SL, builds and scripting do not always go as we think.  The script for the presentation tool is supposed to allow others specified in the script to control the advancement of slides.  It does not seem to work that way.  The alternative is to either have me advance slides for everyone as they present (probably the way we will go) or to have the “controller” rezzed so the presenters can use it to advance their slides.  The possible problems with this second option is twofold: (1) I would have to train each of my other team members on how to use the controller (and they are overwhelmed already with what they are learning and trying to to in SL as it is), and (2) anyone present can click on the controller to change slides (a more awesome problem).

Each team member is to share an outline of their individual presentation with the rest of the group so we know what each other is covering and we will not overlap and can refer to each other along the way.  I am in the process of finalizing my information and searching for images appropriate to the topic.  I also have to work on a script for some details, which will take time.

So, we still make progress!  And one way or the other we will be ready to present.