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In an earlier, initial meeting, our group discussed possible topics of focus for our presentation.  We wanted to focus on one thing and add aspects to it. We thought the idea of virtual connections sounded pretty interesting, or how people combine the professional and personal online.

In our most recent meeting (Nov. 26) where Thomas and I were able to get together, we decided to go with online identity and communities we link to, focusing on those ties that bind and think of online ID and online communities we connect with.  It sounded more to the theme and one that could take us various directions within it.

Our next step was to think about and list what parts or what communities we would deal with, such as social networking sites, as well as boards, educational groups, and what ways we help each other online through various sites, or how we get recognized, or appreciated.

We will pass this on to the rest of the team to draw up a list of sites we use for college, work etc., for when we meet next, and include notes of how they are relevant and how they help.  We can each do that and compare lists then combine them for the presentation.

Our team’s next step is to continue to share ideas and decide what part each of us can work on.  We know other group members will be available these next days, so our planning can continue to grow.