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I missed the last class meeting Thursday, November 22.  In the USA it was Thanksgiving holiday – a day when we are all to remember and celebrate what we are thankful for (some other details about the day can be gathered here).  And we eat (which is often an understatement at this holiday, especially if you have family who love to cook and are good cooks).  (I over-ate, but was thankful!)

With various family structures it becomes increasingly difficult to coordinate holiday plans (i.e., when we are all going to get together to eat).  Our family decided on eating at 4 p.m. – which translated into missing IOLE12 class (which starts at 3 p.m. for me).

We had a face-to-face tie, a communal meal, a celebration that strengthened our bonds as a family.  So I consider the event as not totally unrelated to the class purpose.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.)

I was disappointed to miss our guest lecturer, Sitearm Madonna, but was happy to see the slides posted for review (thank you, Sitearm!).  Our group has been exchanging messages to plan our next group meeting, and this information will help as we go forward in planning our project.

So, I missed a virtual meeting for a face-to-face meeting; I was with family instead of new friends and colleagues; I strengthened some ties and postponed strengthening other ties – I guess you can only tie so many ties at one time.