Our group has met a couple times, but not as a complete group.  At least one has not been available with all the rest.  This is part of group work except for maybe at work where people are in the office all day.  Yet this virtual “office” is different.  When we are dealing with linking to people all over the globe and not in the same physical location, there are even more difficulties to overcome.

We need to decide on the specific topic of our presentation within the theme of “Ties that Bind 2.0) – a rather open target.  Our next meeting this week (at least that is the plan) will be to toss our various ideas and start to sort through them to focus on what we want to present.  Then we can begin the details of how to present it.

The group is willing ant trying, but many things trip us up.  To paraphrase a rather common verse, “The flesh is willing, but the pixels are weak.”