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Our group decided on joining Facebook for the social network for us.  And “Why?” you ask?

Good question.

I admit, there was not a lot of thought that went into it.  We were required by the “Is One Life Enough” workshop leaders to join a network.  We discussed a few possibilities and came up with Facebook – primarily because we were all familiar with it.  Few others were named.  Yet, I can justify the decision and add some of the thought process that lead to this decision.

To join a social network, one must be familiar with it at least superficially.  We also knew about LinkedIn and others.  For our purposed (this workshop) I would say Facebook fits best.  LinkedIn, Pinterest, Ning, and others have specific audiences or purposes, or function in different ways.  Part of what we are doing in this workshop is “experimenting” with our virtual identity.  More “professional” networks would not be appropriate for such activity.  We are doing more than posting images.  We are using our virtual selves, not our “actual” selves, so joining a network like Facebook seem more appropriate (at least in my mind – I am not speaking for my whole team here).

There are options in Facebook that could, and hopefully will, help us in our task – the final project we are working on (“The Tie that Binds 2.0”).  This includes other relevant groups, people or organizations that have created Facebook pages, and the ability to create a page for events.  It would be good for us to create such a page.

There are pros and cons with any social network, and these pros and cons will continue to be debated.  Our purpose here is to learn about this aspect of our “virtualness,” the functions of social networks, and how they can be useful for a specific purpose (in this case, our final project of “The Tie that Binds 2.0“).

So, although the deeper thought process was not a main aspect of our decision, it is still an appropriate decision.  Also, since we have a passing or introductory knowledge of this social network, it gives us a foothold, a start, an idea of what can be done and how it can be used.  As we learn more about this particular aspect of our virtual realm, we will use it as best we can to meet our goals.