I recently threw myself into Facebook – a social networking site many of you may be familiar with.  You may search for Dudley Dreamscape there and make me your friend – we all need friends, and that is the point of social networking anyway.  With another network or outlet in the virtual world, I expect to develop a better understanding of the virtual realm.  Yes, I know the network itself is not the point.  It is the people, the connections with people there that will bring the information, understanding, the fun and the learning.  The more people, the more information.

More information –> Better understanding?

This could be argued.  But without information, understanding tends to suffer.

Besides, I want to explore; I need to explore.  “To boldly go where no avi has gone before . . .” — OK, not true, but the thrust of this revised Star Trek quote is the point.

[Or how about “The answer is out there” from the X-Files (USA television series, now only on reruns).  I also thought of “If you post it, they will come” because it is a revision of a catchy, nearly cliche, quote from a movie that had some mysterious elements in it and people would probably recognize it.  “Run, Dudley, Run!” I knew was too far out there, so I didn’t want to use it.  But I am probably grasping at straws here, so I will stop trying for “catchy” stuff and stick with the point.  BUT . . . feel free to add any of your own appropriate revised quotes in the Comments!]

So, . . .

Dudley Dreamscape is out there, reaching, exploring, connecting, communicating, learning.  And I will keep telling you all about it.