This blog entry is my hopes or goals in light of the objectives of the “Is One Life Enough” (IOLE) module.  There are several.  I will consider each separately, but there is some overlap or connection among them.  The module is ten weeks, meeting in a virtual world as we learn about virtual worlds.

Objective 1: Access online virtual environments and networking communities to carry out specific activities;

I’ve done the first already to some degree, but being involved in this module now in order to learn more.  I have learned from others by reading blogs, wiki’s, web pages, attended online meetings in SL and web conferences.  As for a specific activity, I have lectured in SL and I have helped with a class entering SL.  I hope to learn how to incorporate other networking communities in virtual environments to benefit specific activities like this and others.

Objective 2: Create and manage their presence in virtual spaces;

I have created already, but not really managed my presence.  Signing up for accounts is only the first step.  Making the most of it will include learning how to manage my virtual presence.  I look forward to understanding this better.

Objective 3: Establish and maintain virtual relationships;

I have friends and some professional contacts through virtual networks.  Part of this is the managing my presence in virtual spaces (see above) that needs to be done more consciously, proactively.  I need to understand how it all fits together to strengthen my use of virtual worlds, particularly as they support and extend my real world activities.

Objective 4: Explain how the regulations and conventions operating in online virtual environments and networking communities support the creation and management of content;

A large order to fill here …  Generally, the creation and management of content comes from the desires or needs of the ‘community’ and the community members re-packaging information to fit those needs and desires.  Content creation is broad.  To best fill the needs of the community, a better understanding of the regulations and conventions in such virtual environments will be beneficial.

Objective 5: Describe the potential outcomes from creating content;

Outcomes of creating content . . . include: enriched learning, richer understanding, fulfilled desires for creativity.  I am certain I will learn more as we go through this module.

Objective 6: Apply this knowledge to create and exploit original content for online virtual environments and networking communities.

My application of this knowledge could develop into a variety of outcomes.  One would be teaching in the virtual world to students interested in either the virtual world (much like we have in this module).  Another?  Using the virtual world to create and disseminate content for learners.  Then there is also my continued learning in my networked communities, but more sharing or giving of information/content instead of just harvesting it.

This is a large order to fill.  But we all step up to the challenges we see beneficial.