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OK, so we love technology because it makes our lives so much easier.

Well, not really.  At least not all the time.

I am taking a class in “Is One Life Enough” on virtual environments through the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and conducted in Second Life (SL).  The first class was Thursday (11 October 2012).  Having been in SL for a few years, I felt comfortable with that approach. However, technology does fail us at times.  Leading the class using voice lecture makes sharing information quicker and easier for all except those who have technical difficulties. 

I had no voice.  I had no ears.  All other aspects were functioning well, but I could not hear the presentation nor participate in the class beyond the written chat mode.  One of the guest lecturers, Sitearm Madonna, helped me check through various possibilities and adjustments to see if I could get voice functioning in SL, but we could come up with no solutions.

So, my impressions of the start of this exciting class is that it will be exciting, but I need to scurry around behind the scenes and repair my handicap before the next week’s session.  Outside of the class sessions there is much to do, to learn and to discover.  I will busy myself with the other learning until we meet as a class again.

And, then I will love technology!